About Eppendorf North America

With headquarters in New York and over 200 employees, we are the largest subsidiary of Eppendorf AG (Hamburg, Germany)—world-renown manufacturer of the highest quality laboratory instruments and consumables for the life sciences. To view our company history, click here.

To make it easy for labs in the United States to benefit from Eppendorf® quality, we provide total customer support and service: taking/tracking orders; distribution to your preferred laboratory suppliers (ThermoFisher, VWR, etc.) and direct deliveries; product installation and training; application support; calibration services; general product maintenance and repair, and more!

Our products

You'll see Eppendorf products used in all types of life science research and clinical testing settings—from basic laboratory applications to highly specialized cell and molecular biology applications. They are highly regarded for their quality design and performance—beginning with extensive research and development, adding state-of-the-art technology and ending with strict quality-controlled manufacturing are what make our products stand out from the rest. It is what has made us a brand you have been able to rely on for over 60 years.

Over the years we have improved upon and added to our flagship products—pipettes and pipette tips, centrifuges and microcentrifuge tubes—to now include the most ergonomic liquid handling devices and automated pipetting stations, the quietest centrifuges, fast and fully flexible thermal cyclers, sample-protecting deepwell plates, cell manipulation systems and microcapillaries…the list goes on and on.

Our services

  • Customer Support Representatives are available M–F, 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM (EST) to handle general inquiries and place orders—they can even help you track an order that you have already placed.
  • Local Sales Representatives blanket the entire US to give you the fastest best possible attention. They know our products—and better yet, they know your applications. Feel confident in their abilities to assess your needs and determine the best products and systems to give you the best results.
  • Field Specialists also cover the entire US to provide post-sales installation and training on our specialty systems and automation. We pride ourselves in how easy-to-use our systems can be, and your local specialist will have you up and running within a day!
  • The Applications Hotline is manned by degreed scientists working in our own fully functional life science laboratory. They are on call and email-accessible to help you troubleshoot your application or answer any technical question you may have.
  • The Eppendorf Services group provides a wide variety of support services such as pipette calibration, instrument maintenance programs, and expedited repair.

Our products are designed to give you accurate and reproducible results as quickly and effortlessly as possible which, in turn, saves you time and money. But we've added other ways to help you save:

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